Opening a guitar shop during a global pandemic - Am I nuts?

Opening a guitar shop during a global pandemic - Am I nuts?

If there is ever a good time to open a high end boutique guitar shop, surely during a global pandemic is not the time, am I right?  These are frightening, uncertain times, and the economy is teetering.  As I type this, my wife Debbie and I are sequestered in our home with no clear idea of how long this will last, how it will affect our health and that of our family and friends, and whether life will ever be quite the same.  We might be entering a recession or depression.  We might lose millions of lives to this insidious virus.  This event might change the way that we interact with each other for months or years to come.  


And yet...when is a good time to open a new chapter in life, to chase a dream?  I’ve worked in health care for the past 30 years.  I am a physical therapist, and I love my work.  Last year, an injury took away my ability to continue as a physical therapist.  But I’m not ready to stop working.  


I love guitars.  Ask anyone around me what I do with my free time, and the first thing that they will tell you about me is that, as often as not, I have a guitar on my lap.  To me, it is the perfect instrument:  beautiful sounding, beautiful to look at, fun and rewarding to play.  A person can learn two or three chords and make music.  Alternatively, a person can spend a lifetime perfecting the art of playing and never run out of new things to learn and ways to improve.  True artisans make beautiful guitars, and different woods, shapes and bracing make them unique to play and unique sounding.  They are wonderful instruments and make wonderful music. 


I love guitars, so I have decided that I want my work going forward, for as long as I continue to work, to involve guitars (hopefully a long, long time).  Therefore I am moving forward with my plans to open this store, Organic Sounds Select Guitars.  Maybe I am nuts,  but I’m going to give it a try. I fervently hope that this virus will pass soon and that our wonderful medical professionals and scientists can find a way to minimize its toll going forward.  I hope that people can resume the things that make their lives enjoyable:  spending time with family and friends, eating out at restaurants, going to movies and concerts and plays, and yes, making music with wonderful instruments.  


March 26, 2020